Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to setup HyperTerminal To access device connected to Port?

Following Steps will show you how to setup Hyper Terminal to the Serial Port

1. Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Communiations --> HyperTerminal

2. Give any name so that this will be available for next access. Select Connect using proper port which shown in BlueSoleil Software.

3. Select the properties in the the picture. This will configure the communication properties between HyperTerminal and Mobile.

4. Type AT command in the Window, you will see the response as follows.

5. You will get a complete list of AT-Commands to test various options of mobile using AT-Commands.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to install Java Communication Package on windows?

You can download Communication Package from following URL. This is a old package of Communication API.


1. Unzip the file javacomm20-win32.zip to javacomm20-win32 directory.
2. Copy win32com.dll to your \bin directory.
3. Copy comm.jar to your \jre\lib\ext\ directory.
4. Copy javax.comm.properties to your \jre\lib directory.

You can check this installation with the Samples provided in the Java Communication Package.